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Benefits of a Home Sleep Test

This is a sleep study conducted on patients suspected of having obstructed sleep apnea to properly diagnose the disorder. A home sleep test is used exclusively to test sleep apnea, unlike attended polysomnogram tests which can test up to eighty sleep disorders. Home sleep tests are conducted by the patients themselves after being given a tutorial on how to use the equipment. The home sleep test kits are very simple and easy to use but they are also limited in the data they retrieve to the respiratory effort, blood oxygen saturation, and airflow. In some cases, they can also capture sleeping positions and breathing movement. Their use in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea is growing in popularity. They do come with a number of benefits that you can learn about by reading more here.

They are cost effective. A home sleep test is going to cost you less than a polysomnogram test at It is reported that a home sleep test costs about seventy-five percent of the total amount a patient would spend on a polysomnogram test. They are a preferred alternative to both insurance companies and patients paying the costs from their own budgets. Most insurance companies will advise their patients to use a home sleep test as the first alternative in diagnosing sleep apnea.

They offer comfort and accessibility. It offers you the option to have the sleep done at your home. It is convenient for patients who are not comfortable with the idea of staying overnight in a lab. If you live in a remote location, a home sleep test can also save you the stress. Other patients may also have other health problems that may prevent them from spending the night in a lab and they are provided with a reliable and convenient alternative in the shape of a home sleep test at

The scheduling process is convenient and time-saving. It is much easier to have a patient turn up at a facility to receive a home sleep test kit than schedule them for a lab test. Sleep test labs can only hold patients equal to the number of beds they have. They also employ sleep technologists to monitor the study and access to one will be limited since they can only work with two or three patients per night.

It is a good tool for patients found to be at high risk for sleep apnea either due to family history, medical history or physical examination. For patients who have undergone proper screening, home sleep tests are meant to determine the seriousness of sleep apnea and not just confirm its existence. To get more tips on how to choose the best health, go to

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